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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 16 on 18 September 2014, 09.56 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 16
Covington CountyMedia ReportTuesday 09 1662 Total Calls13 Medical Emergency20 Police Calls0 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportTuesday 09 16Booked In: 7Released: 9Total in Custody: 205Covington County Jail...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 15 on 18 September 2014, 09.47 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 15
Covington CountyMedia ReportMonday 09 1569 Total Calls23 Medical Emergency22 Police Calls0 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportMonday 09 15Booked In: 5Released: 10Total in Custody: 208Covington County Jail ...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 14 on 18 September 2014, 09.44 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 14
Covington CountyMedia ReportSunday 09 1487 Total Calls23 Medical Emergency30 Police Calls4 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportSunday 09 14Booked In: 2Released: 2Total in Custody: 213Covington County Jail R...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 13 on 18 September 2014, 09.20 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 13
Covington CountyMedia ReportSaturday 09 1373 Total Calls18 Medical Emergency20 Police Calls6 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportSaturday 09 13Booked In: 3Released: 3Total in Custody: 213Covington County Ja...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 12 on 18 September 2014, 09.09 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 12
Covington CountyMedia ReportFriday 09 1286 Total Calls18 Medical Emergency50 Police Calls0 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportFriday 09 12Booked In: 13Released: 9Total in Custody: 213Covington County Jail ...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 11 on 17 September 2014, 11.18 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 11
Covington CountyMedia ReportThursday 09 11109 Total Calls10 Medical Emergency28 Police Calls1 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportThursday 09 11Booked In: 11Released: 9Total in Custody: 209Covington County ...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 10 on 17 September 2014, 11.10 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 10
Covington CountyMedia ReportWednesday 09 1090 Total Calls15 Medical Emergency40 Police Calls0 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportWednesday 09 10Booked In: 18Released: 11Total in Custody: 207Covington County&nbs...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 09 on 11 September 2014, 08.48 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 09
Covington CountyMedia ReportTuesday 09 0963 Total Calls8 Medical Emergency35 Police Calls4 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportTuesday 09 09Booked In: 7Released: 10Total in Custody: 201Covington County Jail...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 08 on 11 September 2014, 08.41 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 09 08
Covington CountyMedia ReportMonday 09 0858 Total Calls13 Medical Emergency22 Police Calls3 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportMonday 09 08Booked In: 7Released: 13Total in Custody: 204Covington County Jail ...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 26 on 28 August 2014, 08.35 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 26
Covington CountyMedia ReportTuesday 08 2676 Total Calls16 Medical Emergency31 Police Calls3 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportTuesday 08 26Booked In: 3Released: 16Total in Custody: 206Covington County Jai...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 25 on 28 August 2014, 08.15 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 25
Covington CountyMedia ReportMonday 08 2567 Total Calls8 Medical Emergency40 Police Calls2 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportMonday 08 25Booked In: 8Released: 13Total in Custody: 219Covington County Jail R...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 24 on 28 August 2014, 08.06 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 24
Covington CountyMedia ReportSunday 08 2478 Total Calls21 Medical Emergency31 Police Calls1 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportSunday 08 24Booked In: 13Released: 5Total in Custody: 224Covington County Jail ...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 23 on 28 August 2014, 07.56 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 23
Covington CountyMedia ReportSaturday 08 23101 Total Calls12 Medical Emergency45 Police Calls0 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportSaturday 08 23Booked In: 7Released: 8Total in Custody: 217Covington County J...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 22 on 27 August 2014, 17.52 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 22
Covington CountyMedia ReportFriday 08 2297 Total Calls19 Medical Emergency40 Police Calls3 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportFriday 08 22Booked In: 15Released: 10Total in Custody: 217Covington County Jail...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 21 on 27 August 2014, 17.44 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 21
Covington CountyMedia ReportThursday 08 2185 Total Calls9 Medical Emergency38 Police Calls1 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportThursday 08 21Booked In: 9Released: 11Total in Custody: 211Covington County Ja...
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ABC Agents Find, Destroy Moonshine Still in Bullock County on 21 August 2014, 08.09 by Staff in News
ABC Agents Find, Destroy Moonshine Still in Bullock County
Agents of the Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board recently located and destroyed an illegal moonshine still near the city of Union Springs in Bullock County.  ABC Agents, assigned to the Moonshine Task Force, workin...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 20 on 21 August 2014, 07.58 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 20
Covington CountyMedia ReportWednesday 08 2071 Total Calls17 Medical Emergency27 Police Calls2 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportWednesday 08 20Booked In: 6Released: 4Total in Custody: 213Covington County ...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 19 on 21 August 2014, 07.53 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 19
Covington CountyMedia ReportTuesday 08 1980 Total Calls17 Medical Emergency27 Police Calls1 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportTuesday 08 19Booked In: 3Released: 13Total in Custody: 211Covington County Jai...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 18 on 19 August 2014, 08.02 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 18
Covington CountyMedia ReportMonday 08 1874 Total Calls9 Medical Emergency33 Police Calls4 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportMonday 08 18Booked In: 8Released: 10Total in Custody: 221Covington County Jail R...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 17 on 19 August 2014, 07.57 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 08 17
Covington CountyMedia ReportSunday 08 1757 Total Calls9 Medical Emergency27 Police Calls0 Fire CallsCovington County Jail ReportSunday 08 17Booked In: 7Released: 4Total in Custody: 224Covington County Jail Re...
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Monday, 26 July 2010 19:49

Torture/Willful Abuse of a Child ARREST

Written by Eddie Lewis

Press Release

Sgt Raymon Dixon

Andalusia Police Department


On 07/23/2010 Tiffany Ann Riley age 20 of Andalusia and Jermaine Pate age 24 of Butler County were arrested and placed in the Covington County Jail for Torture/Willful Abuse of a Child which is a class B felony. Their bonds are set at $20,000 each. Jermaine Pate also has a hold for Butler County for Violation of Probation. Tiffany Riley who has a history of domestic incidents allowed Jermaine Pate who is on probation for domestic violence to move into her apartment with her and her 1 year old child. According to witnesses since Jermaine Pate moved into the apartment both Him and the child’s mother have verbally abused the child and gave repeated spankings for crying, On Wednesday 07/14/2010 the child fell and bruised her face on the tracks for a sliding glass door and was treated and released by the Andalusia Hospital, it was also noted at that time the child had an infection in both ears. On Thursday 07/15/2010 Tiffany Riley snatched the child up by her left arm breaking it in 3 places and dragged her up a flight of stairs to lock her in a upstairs bedroom so her and Jermaine Pate could eat lunch. Over the following weekend they would lock the baby in a downstairs half bathroom so they could not hear the crying from the upstairs bedroom. On Monday 07/19/2010, 4 days after the arm was broken the baby was taken to a local Physician and later transported to sacred Heart Hospital where Florida Officials discovered the abuse and placed the child in protective custody and notified the Andalusia Department of Human Resources who reported the offense to the Andalusia Police Department.


On the case involving the child abuse, Tiffany Riley and Jermaine Pate, both of their bonds have been raised from $20,000 to $250,000 due to the nature of their crimes
Sgt. Raymon Dixon
Andalusia Police Dept.
Criminal Investigations Div

Monday, 26 July 2010 19:41

Three Car Crash on Campbellton Hwy

Written by Eddie Lewis

Story Provided by RSN

This morning the Dothan Fire and Dothan Police responded to a three vehicle crash in the 500 block of Campbellton Hwy. This section of the road had to be shut down from Taylor Road to Southgate due to the wreckage blocking both lanes. No one was seriously injured in the wreck but two of the three vehicles had to be towed due to the damage. Dothan Police Traffic Division is handling the investigation into the cause of the crash. Pilchers Ambulance did respond but didn’t transport.

Monday, 26 July 2010 19:36

Enterprise Robbery

Written by Eddie Lewis

Story Provided by RSN

The Enterprise Police Department is investigating a robbery that occurred shortly after midnight at WalGreen Pharmacy located at 900 Rucker Blvd. At 12:08 A.M. a white male approximately 5’8” – 5’10” tall, wearing a black and white full faced motorcycle helmet, black gloves, a dark colored long sleeved shirt and white cargo pants, entered WalGreen and went directly to the pharmacy. He climbed over the counter and demanded the pharmacist to place narcotics in a greenish blue back pack. The suspect was armed with a small chrome pistol. He was last seen leaving the area on a black motorcycle

Oxford police officer William Hancock laughed as he told a reporter, earlier this month, about his chubby 8-month-old son Logan.

Patrolling restaurant parking lots and roads near the Oxford Exchange, he talked at length with an Anniston Star reporter about being a new father and how much he loved his job. He said he wasn't looking forward to the 45 minutes it would take to get to his Wedowee home from Oxford.

It was in that home on U.S. Highway 431 that Randolph County deputies found Hancock, his wife Tabatha, also 28, and their son shot to death Tuesday morning, Randolph County Chief Deputy William Dillard said.

A relative, who did not wish to be identified, said Tabatha Hancock's family members had spent most of the day together grieving. Members of William Hancock's family declined to speak with The Star.

Dillard said that around 7:15 a.m., Randolph County dispatchers received a call from a resident concerned about the Hancocks because they had not been seen recently. Dillard said he did not know the caller's identity.

Wedowee resident Larry Laney, who lives in the Hancocks' neighborhood but didn't know the family well, said he didn't hear any gunshots Tuesday morning.

At 7:30 a.m., a deputy arrived at the Hancocks' home and forced his way into the house after finding all the doors locked, according to a press release from the Randolph County Sheriff's Office. The deputy found all three Hancocks in the living room, dead of gunshot wounds, according to the release.

Laney said he didn't know anything was wrong until police showed up.

"Hearing about that baby is what hurt me," Laney said.

Earlier in July, during that conversation with a reporter who was riding along on William Hancock's shift, he spoke of convincing his father Thomas to join the police department, too. Hancock said he'd worked as an Oxford police officer for four years and was still the man who volunteered to start shifts early. In fact, Hancock had come to work early that night, even though he was fighting a sinus infection.

The Hancocks lived in a small house with a freshly cut yard and well-groomed bushes. A car was parked in the garage Tuesday. Other neighbors told The Star they knew the family but didn't want to comment further.

Dillard said the Alabama Bureau of Investigations has taken over the case. He said he did not know whether this was a double murder-suicide situation or if someone else was involved.

Randolph County Deputy Coroner Terry Sparks said he pronounced William Hancock, his wife and his child dead at 7:30 a.m. Sparks said the official cause of death is still under investigation by the state Department of Forensic Sciences. Dillard said the case is still under investigation.

Read more:Anniston Star - Officer family found dead Randolph County turns investigation over to ABI

Saturday, 24 July 2010 22:15

Body found in burning home; foul play suspected

Written by Eddie Lewis

The Prichard Fire Department discovered the body of a 79-year-old woman inside a burning home this morning, and authorities suspect foul play.

Firefighters responded to a report of a house fire in the 200 block of Grant Circle at 8:10 a.m. After extinguishing the flames, they found the woman's body inside the house.

The woman's identity was not released.

Police and fire investigators were called to the scene, and after an initial investigation, authorities said they suspected foul play in both the fire and death.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is urged to call Prichard Police at 251-452-2211.

Saturday, 24 July 2010 15:00

Methamphetamine Laboratories Seized

Written by Eddie Lewis

Walton County, FL (July 22, 2010) –Sunday evening, Walton County Sheriff’s Narcotics Investigators seized two methamphetamine laboratories while assisting the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. Walton County Sheriff’s investigators responded to a residence in Mossy Head to assist Okaloosa County with recovering stolen property.

Patrick Smith was arrested at his residence after a search of his residence and a camper on the property. While performing the search two clandestine methamphetamine laboratories were found, along with listed chemicals such as Pseudoephedrine, Acetone, and Iodine. Investigators also found finished methamphetamine, marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms, and drug paraphernalia.

Patrick Smith was booked into the Walton County Jail and is facing numerous charges such as Possession of a controlled substance and producing methamphetamine. His bond has been set at $100,000.

On Thursday July 22 at approximately 8:30 pm, Dothan Police Narcotics Officers conducted a traffic stop at the Hop In Store located in the 100 block of Honeysuckle Road. During the stop there was an altercation between a suspect and the officers which resulted in the suspect being shot and two officers being injured. The suspect was pronounced dead and the officers were taken to a local hospital with non life threatening injuries. The investigation is being investigated by the Alabama Bureau of Investigations and all information regarding this case will be released from that agency.

Gregory J. Benton

Chief of Police

Friday, 23 July 2010 11:42

ABI Investigating Police-involved Shooting

Written by Eddie Lewis

Dothan - On July 22 at approximately 8:50 p.m., the Alabama Bureau of Investigation was contacted by Dothan Police officials requesting assistance in an officer-involved shooting at the Hop-In gas station at the corner of U.S. 84 and Westgate.


The shooting involved Dothan Police narcotics officers and suspects of a narcotics investigation being conducted by the Dothan Police Department. During the incident one suspect was killed and two Dothan officers were struck by the suspect’s vehicle. Two other suspects were taken into custody.


No additional information is available for public release in this ongoing investigation. When concluded, the investigative report will be provided to the Houston County District Attorney’s Office for review.


As an independent investigative source, the ABI routinely investigates officer-involved shootings upon request of law enforcement agencies throughout Alabama.

Dothan police shot and killed a man Thursday after they say he reached for a handgun in his car after being approached by officers who suspected of him being involved in drug activity.

The incident happened Thursday night at 8:30 p.m. and began when undercover narcotics officers tailed the suspect into the parking lot of the Hop-In Convenience Store on Honeysuckle Road. Dothan Police Major Steve Parrish said officers got out of the car and approached the man, informing him that he was being detained. A passenger was also in the vehicle.

At about the same time, Troy Wells had pulled into the Walgreens parking lot on Westgate Parkway Thursday night and looked down at his cell phone. He was getting ready to go into the store when he looked across the street at the Hop-In parking lot.

“It looked like we were in a movie,” Wells said.

According to Parrish, the driver appeared to be reaching for a weapon. The passenger tried to flee from the car and was later arrested by police, but the driver tried to escape, backing his gold Nissan Maxima with a Houston County license plate into the officer, prompting the officers to open fire. Parrish said the officer sustained an injury not believed to be life threatening but declined to go into greater detail.

“I see what looks like an undercover police car and another truck converge on this car in the parking lot,” Wells recalled. “All of a sudden, the car backs up and hits the truck and knocks it back toward the gas tanks. The next thing I see, everybody starts shooting. I must have heard 15 shots.”

Parrish said the man rammed another police vehicle and exited the Hop-In parking lot, traveling west on U.S. Highway 84. Wells said the man drove about 200 yards before making a sharp left turn into the yard of a residence. The man struck a tree and he was soon pronounced dead. Identification of the suspects and injured officer have not been released.

Courtney Whitehead was stopped at the intersection of Main and Westgate when she saw part of the incident unfolding.

“I heard a pop and thought who could be firing firecrackers, then I look over and saw police officers running to get in their car. I saw them pulling out of the parking lot and saw another cop coming over too,” Whitehead said.

Parrish said it is unclear whether the suspect fired any shots at police. It is also not known how many rounds police fired at the suspect. Parrish said the Alabama Bureau of Investigation has been contacted to conduct an investigation of the shooting.


MONTGOMERY – News reports that VictoryLand -- a casino that professes to be a “charitable electronic bingo” operation -- actually gives less than one percent of its annual profits to charity prompted this reaction from the office of Governor Bob Riley:


“All this talk of how VictoryLand is giving so much money to charities is an illusion, and this federal court ruling completely shatters that illusion.  VictoryLand is nothing but an illegal scheme to enrich Milton McGregor and his cronies, and this federal court ruling lays that out for all to see.  In his ruling, Judge Keith Watkins found that VictoryLand grossed more than $162 million in 2008 but gave less than one percent of that to 60 charities.  That’s less than $22,000 per charity.  In contrast, the press has reported former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford won more than that in a single day.


“This ruling is just more proof that so-called ‘charitable electronic bingo’ is nothing but a sham.  The casinos mislead people into believing they’re helping charities.  But the reality is, the only people who actually benefit from it are the casino bosses and their cronies.”


Judge Watkins Order



Judge Watkins Order ot; />

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