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ADULT ACTIVITY CENTER’S MAY NEWS RELEASES on 17 April 2014, 13.43 by Staff in News
The City ofAndalusiaP.O. Box 429 ADULT ACTIVITY CENTER’SMAY NEWS RELEASES May 1------Deadline for St. Augustine Trip THE ACTIVITY/ NUTRITION CENTER CLOSED:  MAY 26th Memorial Day.  PAT’S PETAL...
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Hart, Taylor named Presidential Transfer Scholars on 17 April 2014, 13.29 by Staff in News
Hart, Taylor named Presidential Transfer Scholars
LBW Community College named two transfer students as Community College Presidential Scholars, a distinction earned by high academic achievement and a competitive selection process.The University of Alabama offers a full tui...
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LBWCC Forestry program to continue on 17 April 2014, 13.15 by Staff in News
LBWCC Forestry program to continue
LBW Community College will continue the two-year forest technology program, the only one of its kind in the state and a fixture at LBW since 1980.The program was one of several evaluated for viability, a necessary action by...
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Montgomery slaying suspect, out on bail, accused of shooting witness against him
MONTGOMERY, Alabama -- A man out of jail on bond in Montgomery's 49th homicide of 2013 is back in police custody accused of shooting a witness in his murder case.Satarus Smith, 25, of Montgomery is now charged wit...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 16 on 17 April 2014, 07.16 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 16
 Covington CountyMedia ReportWednesday 04 16      96  Total Calls      22   Medical Emergency      34   Police Calls       &n...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 13 through 04 14 on 15 April 2014, 14.36 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 13 through 04 14
 Covington CountyMedia ReportSunday 04 13 through Monday 04 14     139  Total Calls      22   Medical Emergency      57   Police Calls     ...
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LBWCC sundial dedication is April 27 on 15 April 2014, 14.31 by Staff in News
LBWCC sundial dedication is April 27
LBW Community College will hold a dedication ceremony for a recently-acquired sundial on the Andalusia campus. The event will be attended by both the sundial benefactor, Renis O. Jones Jr. of Montgomery, and artistic ...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 10 through 04 12 on 15 April 2014, 07.56 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 10 through 04 12
 Covington CountyMedia ReportThursday 04 10 through Saturday 04 12     201  Total Calls      34   Medical Emergency      77   Police Calls    &...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 09 on 10 April 2014, 10.01 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 09
 Covington CountyMedia ReportWednesday 04 09      53  Total Calls      11   Medical Emergency      38   Police Calls        3  Fi...
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TownHall Meeting on 10 April 2014, 09.56 by Staff in News
TownHall Meeting
Representative Mike Jones and Senator Jimmy Holley will host a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the 2014 Legislative Session on Tuesday, April 29th, at 6:00 p.m.  The meeting will be held at the Conference Center on the LB...
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Mobile County Fatality on 10 April 2014, 09.50 by Staff in News
Mobile County Fatality
MOBILE POST – A crash at 8:05 p.m. Wednesday, April 9, involving a pedestrian and a sport utility vehicle has claimed the life of an Irvington man. Jeremy Shane Judy, 33, was killed when he was struck by a 2003 ...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 08 on 09 April 2014, 08.11 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 08
 Covington CountyMedia ReportTuesday 04 08      37  Total Calls      10   Medical Emergency      22   Police Calls        3  Fire...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 07 on 08 April 2014, 09.09 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 07
Covington CountyMedia ReportMonday 04 07      51  Total Calls      14   Medical Emergency      20   Police Calls        4  Fire Calls&...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 06 on 07 April 2014, 10.02 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report   04 06
Covington CountyMedia ReportSunday 04 0671 Total Calls10 Medical Emergency40 Police CallsCovington CountyJail ReportBooked In: 5Released: 13Total in Custody: 202Andalusia-QuietOpp-QuietJail:5Covington CountyJail ReportSunda...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 03 through 04 05 on 07 April 2014, 06.49 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report  04 03  through 04 05
Covington CountyMedia ReportThursday 04 03 through Saturday 04 05238 Total Calls  34 Medical Emergency115 Police Calls     8 Fire CallsCovington CountyJail ReportBooked In: 36Released: 27Total in Custody...
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Stolen Four Wheelers in Opp on 05 April 2014, 18.58 by Staff in News
Stolen Four Wheelers in Opp
On Wednesday ,02 April 2014, Opp Police Department investigators recovereda four wheeler which appeared to have been stolen. Their investigationrevealed that the four wheeler in question along with a second four wheelerwere...
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Investigators Asking for Citizen's Help on 05 April 2014, 18.40 by Staff in News
Investigators Asking for Citizen's Help
On March 24th the Opp Police Department opened an investigation aftert it was discovered thatperson or persons entered personal property located in the 1200 block of North Main Street andwhile there took without peermission...
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Judge who approved raids at Greene County casinos says state Supreme Court forced her hand
EUTAW, Alabama -- The district judge who signed search warrants that led to Monday's raids on four gaming parlors in Greene County Monday was mandated by the Alabama Supreme Court to approve the raids, she said in a press r...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 02 on 03 April 2014, 08.08 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 02
Covington CountyMedia ReportWednesday 04 02       75  Total Calls       12   Medical Emergency       38   Police Calls       ...
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Bill to allow loaded pistols in cars without permit dies in Alabama House committee
MONTGOMERY, Alabama --- A bill to allow people to carry a loaded pistol in their vehicles without getting a concealed carry permit from their county sheriff is apparently dead.The Alabama House Public Safety and H...
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Monday, 19 November 2012 15:14

Families of BP victims see justice in plea deal

Written by Administrator

“It’s not about the money.”

That was the succinct reaction from Keith Jones to the $4.5 billion plea agreement struck between BP and the U.S. Department of Justice to settle federal criminal charges from the 2010 Gulf oil spill.

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MOBILE, Alabama –- An attorney for convicted grant writer Janey Galbraith has objected to the U.S. Probation Office’s calculation of advisory sentencing guidelines that would send her to prison for at least three years and four months.

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Monday, 19 November 2012 14:27

Film says Glen Rogers killed Simpson, Goldman

Written by Administrator

NEW YORK, Nov. 19 (UPI) -- A documentary to air on Investigation Discovery says serial killer Glen Rogers butchered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in Los Angeles in 1994.
Former football great and occasional actor O.J. Simpson was acquitted of killing his ex-wife and her friend. No one else has been tried for the double slaying. Simpson is now in prison for an unrelated armed robbery.

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Alabama's unemployment rate in October was 8.1 percent, according to a preliminary estimate released by the state's Department of Labor this morning, down 0.1 percentage points from the prior month.

"This month, everything worked out the way we wish it would always work out," Alabama Labor Commissioner Tom Surtees said in a statement. By that, the commissioner meant that Alabama's labor market saw three distinct changes, all in a positive direction.

Where art thou, Wonder Bread? No mas Ding Dongs? Will we ever get to taste  deep-fried Twinkies?

The Associated Press is reporting Friday that snack-food maker Hostess Brands is seeking permission from a bankruptcy court to go out of business, citing extended strikes at a dozen of the baker's 33 plants.

MONTGOMERY, Alabama -- A Montgomery man has been charged with aggravated child abuse after a 2-year-old family member was injured while in his care, according to Montgomery Police.

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Friday, 09 November 2012 09:29

Arrest Made in Bomb Threat

Written by Staff

Deputies and investigators with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office responded quickly today when they were dispatched to South Walton High School in reference to a possible bomb on campus.  At approximately 1 p.m., a white male entered South Walton High School and informed staff members there was possibly a bomb somewhere at the school. The suspect then ran out of the school as staff attempted to stop him.  Students were immediately evacuated and the school was placed on lockdown.  Eglin EOD was contacted and responded to the scene.  The school was cleared with negative findings.

The suspect was located a short time later by deputies and witnesses were able to identify him.  The suspect, Edwin Donald Campbell, 18, of Santa Rosa Beach, was detained and questioned by investigators.  Campbell admitted to making a false bomb threat, a second degree felony.  He will be transported and booked into the Walton County Department of Corrections.

Friday, 09 November 2012 09:24

DTF Makes Another Arrest

Written by Staff


Wednesday night, Drug Task Force Agents concluded a three-week undercover operation by arresting an Andalusia drug dealer. DTF Commander Mark Odom said that Hunter Ferrell Straughn, 23, was apprehended at a convenience store on Martin Luther King, Jr. Expressway by DTF and ABC Agents.
Agent Mitch Scofield led the investigation. Agent Scofield was able to make three different cases of Distribution of a Controlled Substance. Two of the buys were methamphetamine and the third Kalonapin, a schedule IV presciption pill.
"I am proud of the work Mitch did on this case. We had recieved information about Straughn selling narcotics in and around Andalusia for the past few months. We are happy to put him out of business." commented Commander Odom.
Straughn was booked into the Covington County Jail and was held on a $300,000 bond.
Commander Odom wished to thank the District 8 ABC Office for their assistance in the case.
Amanda Hart
22nd Judicial Drug Task Force


Tuesday, 10 July 2012 17:11

Lightning Strikes blamed for house fire.

Written by Eddie Lewis

Late Tuesday Afternoon Emergency personnel were dispatched to a call in the Carolina community on South Hwy 29. The initial reports were a Gas Line had been struck by lightning and was burning. As personnel began arriving it was reported that the House was fully involved with fire. Carolina Fire Department quickly began to fight the fire even as the rain and lightning around the area continued. The Fire engulfed the entire home and as it was burning small arms ammunition began going off due to the fire. A small explosion occurred as well but No injuries were reported. The Fire seems to have started when a Bolt of lightning struck the ground close to the home between a Large Tree and some smaller ones. The Ground that the lightning traveled was up routed and left several trenches across the front yard that were deep and dirt piled around them, these trenches went directly to the house where the gas meter was at and that seems to be where the fire started. The Home belongs to the Prestwoods and was fully destroyed. It was reported at the scene that the elderly resident was at home but vacated to a safe location awaiting the fire Department. Carolina Volunteer Fire Department, Hopewell Volunteer Fire Department, Wing Volunteer Fire Department, Advance EMS, Covington County Sheriffs Deputies, Southeast Alabama Gas District and Power South responded to the scene. No injuries reported to any personnel or residents.

Below was taken from the website, CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE STORY


Today's meeting was very informative and I thank all that came including Rick Barber.Attendance was enogh to expand our core group as was our goal. Mr Barber is as real as they get and with him in Congress we will be properly represented. I Implore all that read this to go to vote Tuesday at the run off and give this patriot your support.

This one is driving the left crazy.  Expanding on “Gather your armies,” Rick sheds some light on how taking from one to give to another is a form of slavery and how we should never forget what has happened to other countries that weren’t able to keep their governments in check.

Rick Barber is a small business owner and a conservative Republican running for Congress in Alabama's 2nd Congressional District.

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