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Miracle League Opening Game 04 05 2014 on 22 April 2014, 21.37 by Staff in News
Miracle League Opening Game 04 05 2014
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Search for Missing/Runaway Juvenile on 22 April 2014, 16.15 by Staff in News
Search for Missing/Runaway Juvenile
  The Walton County Sheriff’s Office is searching for Johnny Kirk, 15, of Freeport, FL.  Kirk was last seen by his mother boarding a school bus around 6 am on April 16th.  Kirk is 5’1, weighs 106 lbs...
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‘Go Build Alabama’ visits LBWCC on 22 April 2014, 16.12 by Staff in News
‘Go Build Alabama’ visits LBWCC
LBW Community College in Opp recently welcomed Jason Phelps, executive director of Alabama Construction Recruitment Institute (ACRI) on a stop for the statewide “Go Build Alabama” campaign addressing the shortage of ski...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 21 on 22 April 2014, 16.09 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 21
Covington CountyMedia ReportMonday 04 21       79  Total Calls      18  Medical Emergency      35  Police Calls         2  Fire ...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 17 through 04 19 on 21 April 2014, 15.33 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 17 through 04 19
Covington CountyMedia ReportThursday 04 17 through Saturday 04 19    236 Total Calls      33   Medical Emergency    112   Police Calls       12   Fire Ca...
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State Trooper Shooting on 20 April 2014, 12.54 by Staff in News
State Trooper Shooting
DOTHAN POST -- At approximately 5:30 p.m. Saturday, April 19, an Alabama State Trooper attempted to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation on Geneva County 57. A brief pursuit ensued and ended when the suspect’s vehicle s...
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Andalusia City Board of Education BOARD MEETING on 18 April 2014, 14.21 by Staff in News
Andalusia City Board of Education  BOARD MEETING
Andalusia City Board of EducationBOARD MEETINGApril 21, 20146:00 p.m.AGENDAI. CALL TO ORDERA. Pledge of Allegiance –II. BOARD ACTIONA. Board Minutes March 17, 2014B. Financial ReportC. Personnel Report Resignations...
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Special Council Meeting on 18 April 2014, 14.16 by Staff in News
 Special Council Meeting
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Shooting Call in Enterprise on 18 April 2014, 14.12 by Staff in News
Shooting Call in Enterprise
April 18, 2014On April 17, 2014, at 9:30 PM, the Enterprise Police Department responded to the 100 Blk of Woodfield Place Enterprise, AL on a call for a shooting.  When officers arrived on scene they discovered a b/m v...
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Traffic Fatality in Covington County on 18 April 2014, 12.51 by Staff in News
Traffic Fatality in Covington County
DOTHAN POST – A two-vehicle crash this morning, April 18, claimed the life of a Covington County Sheriff’s deputy. The crash occurred at approximately 7:40 a.m. on Alabama 55 near the intersection of Alabama 55 and Sout...
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ADULT ACTIVITY CENTER’S MAY NEWS RELEASES on 17 April 2014, 13.43 by Staff in News
The City ofAndalusiaP.O. Box 429 ADULT ACTIVITY CENTER’SMAY NEWS RELEASES May 1------Deadline for St. Augustine Trip THE ACTIVITY/ NUTRITION CENTER CLOSED:  MAY 26th Memorial Day.  PAT’S PETAL...
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Hart, Taylor named Presidential Transfer Scholars on 17 April 2014, 13.29 by Staff in News
Hart, Taylor named Presidential Transfer Scholars
LBW Community College named two transfer students as Community College Presidential Scholars, a distinction earned by high academic achievement and a competitive selection process.The University of Alabama offers a full tui...
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LBWCC Forestry program to continue on 17 April 2014, 13.15 by Staff in News
LBWCC Forestry program to continue
LBW Community College will continue the two-year forest technology program, the only one of its kind in the state and a fixture at LBW since 1980.The program was one of several evaluated for viability, a necessary action by...
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Montgomery slaying suspect, out on bail, accused of shooting witness against him
MONTGOMERY, Alabama -- A man out of jail on bond in Montgomery's 49th homicide of 2013 is back in police custody accused of shooting a witness in his murder case.Satarus Smith, 25, of Montgomery is now charged wit...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 16 on 17 April 2014, 07.16 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 16
 Covington CountyMedia ReportWednesday 04 16      96  Total Calls      22   Medical Emergency      34   Police Calls       &n...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 13 through 04 14 on 15 April 2014, 14.36 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 13 through 04 14
 Covington CountyMedia ReportSunday 04 13 through Monday 04 14     139  Total Calls      22   Medical Emergency      57   Police Calls     ...
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LBWCC sundial dedication is April 27 on 15 April 2014, 14.31 by Staff in News
LBWCC sundial dedication is April 27
LBW Community College will hold a dedication ceremony for a recently-acquired sundial on the Andalusia campus. The event will be attended by both the sundial benefactor, Renis O. Jones Jr. of Montgomery, and artistic ...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 10 through 04 12 on 15 April 2014, 07.56 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 10 through 04 12
 Covington CountyMedia ReportThursday 04 10 through Saturday 04 12     201  Total Calls      34   Medical Emergency      77   Police Calls    &...
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Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 09 on 10 April 2014, 10.01 by Staff in News
Covington County Media & Jail Report 04 09
 Covington CountyMedia ReportWednesday 04 09      53  Total Calls      11   Medical Emergency      38   Police Calls        3  Fi...
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TownHall Meeting on 10 April 2014, 09.56 by Staff in News
TownHall Meeting
Representative Mike Jones and Senator Jimmy Holley will host a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the 2014 Legislative Session on Tuesday, April 29th, at 6:00 p.m.  The meeting will be held at the Conference Center on the LB...
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Court Square, Andalusia



Website URL: E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Montgomery Police say they're working their second murder of the week after being called to the scene of a shooting, the victim: a 14-year-old girl.

Fire medics report that the little girl was treated for a single gunshot wound to the chest at a residence in the 3600 block of Castle Ridge Road Thursday evening around 5:30pm.

The victim was rushed to Baptist Medical Center South where she was pronounced dead.

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The Walton County Sheriff's Office (WCSO) is presently conducting a homicide investigation near Cypress Grove Lane in Seagrove, Fla.

A missing person was reported to the WCSO earlier today. The case has evolved into a homicide investigation. The WCSO is in the process of interviewing persons of interest and area residents who may have information regarding this case.

Further information will be released as it becomes available during the course of this active and ongoing criminal investigation.

For Further Information Contact:

Mike Morrison

Public Information Officer

Walton County Sheriff’s Office

(850) 892-8186 (main)

(850) 401-4612 (cell)

Thursday, 16 June 2011 13:18

Dothan doctor guilty of domestic violence

A Dothan doctor has been found guilty

of felony domestic violence.

Dr. Andrew Osborne was found guilty

on Thursday morning of second-degree

domestic violence.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011 13:28

Covington County Jail & Media Report 06 14

Covington County 911 Media Report

Tuesday 06 14

68   Total Calls

5    Medical Emergency

1   General Disturbance

4    MVA


Jail-- 191

Booked in  --8

Released-- 7


Andalusia -Quiet


in jail- 5


Covington County Jail Report

Tuesday 06 14

Name                age           Charge                   Bond

Olivia L. Hobbs  18    Burg.3rd/TOP1st                $30,000

Joann H. Baxley 57    Commitment Order             -0-

Ronnie Walker  59    Contempt                           -0-

Stephen A. Ainsworth 27  poss. Forged

Instr. 2nd                  $10,000

Monica L. Gorum 21   POCS/POM2nd/

PODP                     $20,500

Wesley A. Riley  39      DUI                                  $1,000

Andrew M. Conner 29    Back for Court

Brandon S.Owens  25   Back for Court

Bob Riley is burning rubber.

The former Alabama governor phoned in Tuesday afternoon from the highway outside Chicago. Riley was one day and 700 miles into a cross-country motorcycle ride that will take him from rural Ashland to wild Alaska and home again over the next 6 weeks.

He’s traveling solo, riding a sparkling new Harley-Davidson Road Glide.

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HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- The U.S. Space & Rocket Center needs 875 registrations to reach the goal of 2,011 more participants in week-long Space Camp programs this year.

"We're working to get that (registration) number up," said Michael Flachbart, the center's vice president of operations. The sales team is now focusing its efforts on school districts, especially those in cities with direct flights to Huntsville International Airport and whose school year starts after Labor Day.

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Troy police recently arrested a 37-year-old woman

on a charge she assaulted a police officer after being

charged with driving under the influence.


Court records indicate police charged Amelia McKnight,

of Helena, and charged her with felony second-degree

assault. Records indicate the charge stemmed from

McKnight allegedly becoming combative in the booking

area of the police department after the initial arrest for DUI.

8:55 and we are waiting for Judge Thompson to enter the courtroom. The defendants and their attorneys are present... Attorney Siegel is pacing back and forth with his hands clasped behind his back, waiting to continue his cross examination of Senator Beason. The government's team is in place. I will update when there is a break for me to copy and paste.

Senator Beason has just gotten on the stand. We are still waiting for the Judge and Jury.

9:01: Everyone is standing waiting for the Judge and Jury to enter the courtroom.

9:02 The Judge is in the courtroom and Mr. Siegel begins his testimony.

Siegel: Tell me if I am right about this, Mr. Crosby did not do anything different in the drafting the bill you wanted in 2010 that what you asked to be done? Whatever you say Mr. Crosby did with respect to the bill that you requested to draft in Jan of 2010, it is not your intention that he did it to assist Mr. McGregor in any way? Beason said that he did not know what Mr. Crosby’s intention was.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011 11:58

Day Two of Trial of Dr. Andrew Osborne


Day two of the trial of Dr. Andrew Osborne began with the other police officer taking the stand and speaking to what Ms. Osborne stated on the night of the incident. The officer’s testimony was very short and no new information was gleaned from the testimony.

Next to take the stand was Dr. Enslaught (spelling?) who was the emergency room physician that treated Ms. Osborne when she was taken to the hospital. Dr, Enslaught stated the majority of Ms. Osborne’s injuries were to her face and they were consistent with being assaulted. There were x-rays as well as a ct scan ordered on Ms. Osborne because of her injuries. Her ulna (small bone on outside of forearm) was fractured in what the doctor referred to as a spiral fracture. Dr. Enslaught advised this type of fracture could be thought of as a defensive injury or defensive posturing. Ms. Osborne did admit to drinking that evening and told Dr. Enslaught she had two glasses of wine. He did not order a drug or alcohol screen because she was lucid and coherent.

Under cross examination, Dr. Enslaught, stated the injuries to Ms. Osborne’s face were fairly equal on both sides of her face. When asked about her broken ulna, the doctor stated it could have occurred if she had fallen down. Dr. Enslaught stated Ms. Osborne did not tell him she had been thrown to the floor 5 to 6 times and that she had lost consciousness. This was a point of contention that would be raised later by defense attorney Adams. As to injury to Ms. Osborne’s ears, the doctor noted that there was no injury to the inside of the ear and that there was no blood present behind the ear drum and that the ear drum was in fact intact. At this point, the doctor was asked to go over photos with the jury and explain what each was and what the photo showed, after which Dr. Enslaught was excused from the stand.

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WKNI TV 25 is in route to a motor vehicle accident that has been reported to have had 3 fatalities. The accident occured around 7pm Monday night and was in the area of the  Wing Community . on Hwy 137 and County Road 4 just North of the Florida Alabama State line. WKNI will update the story as soon as we get on the ground.




2 vehicle accidents happened at 6:50 Pm Last night. Driver 1 was 19 years old Christine Harris of Birmingham Alabama she was injured. She was driving a 2010 Toyota.

Passenger 17 years old Leslie Hendricks was injured he is from Birmingham also.

Vehicle 2 was a 1993 Ford the driver was 54 year old Diane Poire of Sarasota Florida. She was injured. She had 3 children in the vehicle and all 3 children are reported to have been killed. No information as to the ages or names of the children is available at this time.

As has been in the past WKNI TV will not post any Video or Pictures of any local Fatalities.

We will continue to update when we get more.


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